That Winter, The Wind Blows

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Title: That Winter, The Wind Blows
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Broadcast Period: 2013-Feb-13 to 2013-Apr-03
Episodes: 16



This drama is about blind woman and heartbroken man. The main character is hurt from being abandoned in his childhood and failing miserably on his first love relationship. The female main character’s parents get a divorce, and she is separated from her mother and only brother. Being blind, she can’t dream of a splendid life. For the man, life is just trying to survive. For the woman, it’s a succession of loneliness and exhaustion.


Song, Hae-Kyo – Oh Young
Jo, In-sung – Oh Soo
Kim, Bum – Park Jin Sung
Jung, Eun-ji – Moon Hee Sun

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