Level 7 Civil Servant

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Title: Level 7 Civil Servant
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action
Broadcast Period: 2013-Jan-23 to 2013-Mar-28
Episodes: 20



This is a romantic action drama of young agents starting their career in the National Intelligence Service. This is a blockbuster action drama covering from capital to local, Eastern to Western. They not only pass the boundary of life and death but their everyday life is a breathless thrill with secret projects. This drama reveals the double life they have been hiding behind the fake identity. They are under covering as the ordinary sales people dressed in slick black suits.


Choi, Kang-hee – Kim Seo Won/ Kim Kyung Ja
Joo Won – Han Gil Ro/ Han Pil Hoon
Hwang, Chan-sung – Gong Do Ha
Kim, Min-seo – Shin Sun Mi






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